A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan (Literary Fiction)

Fantastic book! Jennifer Egan’s writing is extraordinary. This was an audio book — not my preferred reading mechanism, and it just about killed me not to be able to write down the many, many, (many!), amazing lines.

This story is a whole set of interlocking vignettes that rocket backwards (and sometimes forwards) in time from two main characters: Bennie and Sasha — a record executive (and former punk rocker) and his (somewhat kleptomaniac) assistant. Real in-depth characters with surprising cameos in each other’s stories, the later impact of chance meetings, and plenty of odd “where did they end ups.” The stories pan across time and space — from New York City to the high desert to unlabeled countries with genocidal generals — with music and / or the music industry playing a major or minor role.

All the tales have one thing in common — the impact of time. Every one of the characters is trying to figure out — how did I end up here? How did this happen? One thing they all agree on — “Time’s a goon.”

Jennifer Egan is the best — I have to go back and find out what else I have missed.

2 thoughts on “A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan (Literary Fiction)”

  1. Hi, Laura! Really glad you liked Visit from the Goon Squad. One of my young colleagues (back when I was teaching 7th grade English) recommended it when it 1st came out in paperback & I *LOVED* it!! My Book Club recently read her latest, Manhattan Beach, and we all really enjoyed it a lot; I recommend. Two others of hers that I have also enjoyed – I might not recommend them to everyone, but I like to read as many of the books of an author that I like as I can find – are The Keep (it’s a little weird, but very fun) and Look at Me, which I liked A LOT – I like books that play around with issues of image. Let me know what you think, when/as/if you get around to any more of hers. I haven’t yet read her 1st (The Invisible Circus) or her book of short stories (I don’t usually read short stories … I like to SINK IN to a book & w. short stories, as soon as I get interested, they’re over … ). BTW, I did the questions for our Book Group for Manhattan Beach – we had an excellent discussion, so let me know if you’d like me to send you my questions. ENJOY ENGLAND!!! (If you’re not already there, I think you’re heading there soon & will meet up w. Cathy & Dick maybe??) all the best, Pamela

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