Rating System

There are so many aspects to consider when rating a book – a simple 1 to 5 doesn’t cut it!  So here is the rating system I’ve devised for this blog.  Every entry will have a numerical rating for three axes:

  • Writing quality
    • 5 = Beautiful writing, have to reread sections
    • 4 = Very good writing; clear, well organized, some great lines
    • 3 = Good writing; does not detract from reading the book
    • 2 = bad writing; hard to forget that you’re reading a book
    • 1 = terrible writing; too painful to read
  • Characters
  • Plot
    • 5 = Great story line; surprising, intricate; hard to put down
    • 4 = Good story line
    • 3 = adequate story line – wouldn’t be enough to read without great writing or characters
    • 2 = boring; predictable
    • 1 = stupid; very irritating to read

Additionally, I’ll use tags to define:

  • Category (literary fiction, speculative fiction, historical fiction, mystery, juvenile, romance)
  • Mood (dark, uplifting, comical, depressing, terrifying, sad, fascinating, joyful)
  • Elements (action, romance, comedy, suspense)
  • Writing style (experimental, epistolary, poetic, spare)
  • Narrative style (omniscient, first-person, unreliable-first-person, third-person-non-omniscient,…)
  • Other (gets better, gets worse, relevant, book club fodder, light, complex/intricate, long, short)

Please feel free to suggest additional axes and / or tags.  Tags are obviously multiple selection quantities!

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