Make Me by Lee Child (Thriller)

My book club is reading “Reacher Said Nothing” a book that follows Lee Child through the process of writing a Jack Reacher novel. Since I’ve never read one of the incredibly popular Reacher novels, I decided to read the one (Make Me) on which it was based.

Not bad — very clean writing, a sort of relationship (man-style — not much verbalizing of emotion but shown in action) — and plenty of action. Kind of a slow boil plot that eventually resolved into an unexpected (for me) conclusion. It was entertaining, though not really my kind of thing.

I did enjoy the guilty pleasure of vigilante justice — in the novels the bad guys are so very, very, bad, and it feels so good when Reacher just takes care of it — no long court trials, no rights …

Stay tuned for the review of “Reacher Said Nothing” in the upcoming weeks…

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