Deadly Desires …

It’s so hot these days that I couldn’t handle anything that required thought so I picked up a cozy Honeychurchmystery from my ALA haul.  Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall by Hannah Dennison. Readable, ok characters, a little stupid.  It’s a little irritating that much is being made of a kind of connection to “Downton Abbey” but it’s really a tenuous connection at best.  A manor house figures not too prominently in the story and a young girl takes a position as a maid in the house in order to better prepare herself for an audition for the Downton Abbey series.  That’s it! Pleasant enough read if you like cozies.  Didn’t stress me out before bedtime 🙂

Getting started

I’ve owned this blog for multiple years now and am only now managing to make an entry – always hard to get started but perhaps it will come fast and furious now that I’m going! Fresh from two days of the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference in San Francisco.  My shelf freshly stocked with ARCs and new titles. Already finished the first one:  Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans.  I loved it!  Grabbed me right away with an opening scene of a ten-year-old boy in pre-WWII London worrying over his elderly godmother and guardian who was slowly losing her cognitive faculties.  The nov41Bs0zLsImL._AA160_el meanders from there – as life tends to do – exploring characters as they wander down surprising tracks, learning about themselves as they make do with what they have and the opportunities they create for themselves in their chaotic world. I hadn’t heard of Lissa Evans before – she has written books for both adults and children, some of which have been shortlisted for various prizes, but this is her first book to be published in the U.S. Thank you Harper Collins!